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A few years ago, if you told us we would be the leading cannabis supplier in San Diego, we would not have believed it. In fact, we would have tagged you the liar of the century. However, a few years ago, KUSH KARTS was born, and today we are the leading cannabis website. It all started when we learned about the health benefits of cannabis and its products. We sought to take advantage of this super plant. However, the journey was a challenging one. Getting a trusted vendor who could deliver high-quality products was a nightmare. It then dawned on us that there was a huge gap. That is when we decided to bridge the gap by selling high-quality products that there are and offering weed delivery in San Diego. Today, our customers in any part of San Diego enjoy good health and happiness without moving an inch from their homes.

As a leading cannabis dispensary in San Diego, KUSH KARTS offers high-quality cannabis products. Our products are the leading in the market. You can choose from any of our product categories, including flowers, edibles, CBD, concentrates, cartridges, pre-rolls, creams, and tinctures. For each of these product categories, we have the best items from highly reputable companies.

At KUSH KARTS, we also offer delivery services in San Diego. Enjoy same-day delivery services for the best experience. Our services are top-notch and secure because we only allow cash on delivery. You shouldn’t be worried about losing your money. If you think this is incredible, we have more news for you. The best part of our news is that we offer free delivery to all customers in San Diego. Make a minimum order of at least $80 and have your order delivered free of charge and on the same day to your doorstep. You will love your shopping experience at KUSH CASH, and you will always come back for more. What are you waiting for? Try us today!


we offer same day delivery

cash upon delivery 

curbside pickup 

hours  all days 12pm - 12 am


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